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Kevin Edwards

IR35 Taxation Worries Contractors & Businesses alike

According to IR35-lobbying body, IPSE, that surveyed its members, the potential impact of reform is so great that it could halve the size of the UK’s independent workforce. In addition to the one in two contractors who will quit if they cannot find outside IR35 opportunities, 32% will stop contracting in the UK regardless. Of this figure, 13% have said they will source contracts abroad, while 11% expect to stop working altogether or retire early. The remaining 8% are considering a move into… Continue reading

Vodafone Found Hidden Backdoors in Huawei Equipment


Europe’s biggest phone company identified hidden backdoors in the software that could have given Huawei unauthorized access to the carrier’s fixed-line network in Italy, a system that provides internet service to millions of homes and businesses, according to Vodafone’s security briefing documents from 2009 and 2011 seen by Bloomberg, as well as people involved in the situation. While the carrier says the issues found in 2011 and 2012 were resolved at the time, the revelation may further damage… Continue reading

Router hack risk ‘not limited to Virgin Media’

A weakness that left thousands of Virgin Media routers vulnerable to attack also affects devices by other providers, security experts suggest.
Virgin Media’s Super Hub 2 was criticised for using short default passwords that could easily be cracked by attackers.
But experts raised concerns that older routers provided by BT, Sky, TalkTalk and others were also at risk.
They recommend users change their router password from the default.
What makes a router vulnerable?
Many routers are sent to customers with… Continue reading

Ransomware Business Cyber-Attack Analysis

Ransomware Attack

These kinds of cyber attack are very simple to avoid in business and yet the basics of information security management have been ignored. To get the ball rolling just ask yourself these 2 simple questions:

  • Why is our business critical/sensitive information connected to the internet and is it really necessary?
  • Why are the same computers that are connected to the internet also used to connect to business critical/sensitive data?

Generally speaking the answers to these questions are the… Continue reading

Brexit or Not? … Having my say

23rd June is getting nearer and it is begging your vote, but which way are you going to go?
If you are worried about your business success if we exit the EU, you have to ask yourself why? Why worry? If you have done what it takes to maximise your strengths then you should not have to worry about anything. Leaving the EU will certainly not have a negative impact on future trade within the EU. If you are supplying… Continue reading

Study links low internet usage to slow broadband

Parts of Britain are being left behind on access to online services, because of slow broadband, research suggests. King’s College London researchers said many of the regions with the worst internet access also used modern services the least. The study compared online logs from half of the country’s population with rates of use of the BBC’s iPlayer. One analyst said it raised questions about rural areas being “deprived of the full benefits of broadband”. According to the study, which was… Continue reading

Titan Atlas | Do you have the brains for Cybersecurity?

If you want to stop people reading your secret messages, use a code to conceal the meaning.

From ancient times to the present day, security, codes and puzzles have been intertwined, as have the people who have tried to crack those codes to read messages they were never meant to see. During World War Two, the code-cracking centre at Bletchley Park was known to recruit people who were a dab hand at solving crosswords and other puzzles. The thinking was… Continue reading

Titan Atlas | Mastercard rolls out selfie ID checks

Credit card firm Mastercard has confirmed it will accept selfie photos and fingerprints as an alternative to passwords when verifying IDs for online payments. It follows a trial of the software carried out in the US and Netherlands last year. The company told the BBC that 92% of its test subjects preferred the new system to passwords. One expert said that such biometric checks had the potential to cut fraud. However, some security researchers have questioned how easy it might… Continue reading

Titan Atlas | Apple apologises for iPhone ‘error 53’ and issues fix

Apple has said sorry to iPhone customers whose phones were disabled after third-party repairs, and issued a fix for the problem.

Some users found that their iPhone stopped working following servicing by a non-Apple technician and saw an “error 53” message in iTunes.

Previously, Apple had said the error was a “security measure” taken to prevent fraudulent transactions.

Now, the company has released a software update to fix the error.

In a statement, Apple said that “error 53” occurs when… Continue reading

Titan Atlas | Students hit by University of Greenwich data breach

Personal details about hundreds of London-based research students were posted online in an apparent breach of data privacy laws. The University of Greenwich has apologised and said it is in the process of contacting those affected. The matter was brought to the BBC’s attention by one of the students, who discovered the information could be found via a Google search. They also flagged the matter to the UK’s data watchdog. The Information Commissioner’s Office has confirmed that an investigation is… Continue reading


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