Outsourced Call Centre Services

Reception Services

Customer Services

Titan Atlas can be the first point of contact when customers are experiencing issues or to take and process orders on your behalf – Dealing with your customers exactly as you wish it to be done. Politeness and Courtesy are an integral part of our outsourced and managed service division Our intelligent scripting with built-in decision making logic allows us to handle technical or non-technical calls confidently and efficiently.

Working from your own trouble shooting information or knowledge base, we can ask various questions and/or run tests to identify the route of the problem and then escalate to the appropriate level for your in-house staff to take over.

It’s a cost saving exercise and forward thinking business strategy!

Give your business a competitive edge!

Titan Atlas can help your organisation gain a competitive edge in the market. You can also have access to specialised services for different business processes and thereby provide your users with best-of breed services. Such strategic management can give your business a competitive edge over the competition. Titan Atlas Managed Services can give your organisation the cutting-edge in your field.

Use our Reception / Switchboard service for all your calls or just for overflow and out of hours purposes. We will answer your calls in your company name and transfer them to the right person within your organisation. If they are not available to take a call, we can try a colleague or simply take a message and pass it on via email.

Our experienced operators can also screen your calls ensuring nuisance calls are filtered out, meaning your employees are not wasting time on unimportant calls. We can handle calls for as many of your employees as you wish and how you wish. Before taking any calls on your behalf, we will discuss with you in detail the different “call types” you expect us to handle. For example, general enquiries, technical support, payment enquiries, complaints, etc. For each call type we will have generate a set of guidelines and accurate instructions on how the call should be dealt with. If required, our system can be integrated with most web based customer management systems or applications.

What do you get?

Everything you need to enable you to concentrate on your core business strategies and activities. Titan Atlas can take care of your customer enquiries, support queries, orders etc.

Have your calls answered how you want, when you want!

Our solutions are designed to reduce your costs, increase your revenue and mitigate your business risks through their productivity and efficiency enhancing benefits.

Do More, with Less and do it Fast

Titan Atlas can boost your productivity. Whatever your challenges, Titan Atlas can help. We will help to deliver your business more efficiently and effectively, with our carefully selected and dedicated staff.

Short Term Gains, Long Term Goals

Work with Titan Atlas and we’ll help you identify those areas, such as storage and virtualisation, management, administration and strategies, where you can prepare the ground before committing to a long-term investment. Together, we’ll assess, design and implement a solution that meets your immediate needs. Just as important, we’ll ensure that what we do contributes to your long-term objectives, is scalable and extendable.

Fast Response, Fast Return On Investment (ROI)

Working with Titan Atlas means you deal directly with individuals who are expert in their field. So don’t get swamped by an army of people by dealing with large IT Consulting Companies. Instead, deal with Titan Atlas and you’ll have the reassurance of knowing that you are dealing with a dedicated team committed to your success. What we recommend today will work with what we recommend tomorrow and we’ll be around to make it happen.

Expertise When you Need it

We’ll help you identify projects that can deliver a fast ROI. We’ll help you free up resources and we’ll be part of your team. Our solutions and services are designed to solve the problems businesses like yours face — The knowledge that we’re there whenever we are needed is the most valuable insurance policy.

Just Pick Up the Phone

How much is it worth to your organisation to receive help when you need it? Sometimes it is the difference between getting that task, project or bid completed on time, or missing your deadline. Face it – that equates to real money. Our Service Desk is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year because you never know when you will need us.

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