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Is Data in the Cloud Safe | Titan Atlas Security Report | Data Security

A sound risk assessment of both data content and physical data security itself must surely suggest that it is far safer for a business and indeed clients/customers of a business if the data was encrypted and stored in house. What on earth makes businesses believe that the cloud is better equiped to fend off intruders from the Internet when the likes of MSN, Yahoo, Facebook, Sony, the MOD, all who have expertise and fiscal resources at their disposal to prevent… Continue reading

Why Email Campaigns Often Fail

Why Do Email Campaigns Often Fail?

A recent analysis of email activity performed by Titan Atlas suggests that emails sent as campaigns often fail to reach their intended recipients.
The reasons for this are many and varied, but many are blocked by Spam filters.
It is worth gaining a little understanding of how these filters work and what they do prior to lashing out hard earned money on a campaign.
A spam or junk mail filter is designed to do… Continue reading

Business Infections | SPAM

Business Infections | SPAM


Way too many junk emails and associated attacks are infecting our businesses

It would be much easier to combat these attacks if only the legitimate companies would configure their email systems correctly. It seems to me that too many IT professionals claim to provide ‘The Best’ IT solutions but very few know how to do it properly. Just because it sends and receives emails doesn’t mean it is secure, productive, and working in our favour …. www.titanatlas.co.uk

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Adopting IT in a Small Business

Adopting IT in a Small Business

Adopting IT in the Small Business | Titan Atlas

Our thanks to everyone who attended our First Seminar yesterday to discuss IT working for the small business.
We discovered that several startup and even established businesses need help & guidance with their IT adoption so their computers work for them and not vice-versa. Data and Computer Security took a prominent position in discussions as did options and requirements for mobile data access along with the hype and poor advice offered from the IT… Continue reading

Send Your Staff Home

Send Your Staff Home

Several businesses sent their staff home in London during the Olympics and proved to themselves that it can be a highly productive and yet cost-saving exercise.

VOIP | Titan Atlas | Send Your Staff Home

Employing the right secure technology can enable office workers to operate from home and take their desk phone with them – Seamless integration with your business. Variations on the theme can also see your mobile staff taking their office extensions on the road.

Titan Atlas specialise in providing robust voice… Continue reading

G Data

Titan Atlas are very proud to announce the expansion of its product portfolio for 2013 with the inclusion of G Data Antivirus.

G Data is unique in that it offers Unified Scan Engine Technology offering dual scanning of data with two of the most effective and known products on the market bundled into one simple effective solution. G Data utilises the avast! & BitDefender Engines to offer a higher level of protection than has been seen before.

The G Data… Continue reading

Avast 4.8 Anti-Virus Discontinued

Dear Valued Customers,

We would like to remind you that the avast! v4.8 products are no longer supported from 1st January 2013. We are urgently asking you to upgrade* to the latest version of AVAST for continued portection against external security threats.

If you have any questions / queries, please contact Titan Atlas Sales Dept on (01536) 738297 or visit www.titanatlas.co.uk

Kind regards

Kevin Edwards (Director, Titan Atlas Limited)

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Small Business Virtual Office | Call Centre Facilities

Titan Atlas are please to announce the introduction of their Virtual Office and Call Centre facilities.
You may just have one member of staff, you may be that member, or you may have 20 – Titan Atlas can support you in your day-to-day business by providing you with your own Call Centre, Virtual Office, or Virtual Secretary solution.

  • Virtual Office
  • Virtual Secretary
  • Telephony Solutions
  • Message Taking
  • Call Centre Management
  • Diary Management
  • Appointment Taking
  • Private Cloud IT Networking
  • email… Continue reading

AVAST the best-rated Android antivirus app

The new release comes just eight months after the introduction of avast! Free Mobile Security, which proved to be a breakthrough hit. “The free-but-full-featured Android antivirus and anti-theft app has become the highest-rated security solution on the Google Play store, with a score of 4.7 stars,” said Ondřej Vlček, CTO of AVAST Software. “We protect over 8 million active devices now and we are growing by 1 million active devices per month,” added Vlček. “We’ve now made that product even… Continue reading

Data Security – Ignorance is not Bliss

Having listened to radio reports this morning about how businesses perceive the security of the data they hold, and how most feel they are providing good levels of security, I just had to release our hands-on views of todays business environment.

Recent observations by Titan Atlas depict a very serious lack of understanding and indeed disregard for data security by small and medium enterprises and also some of the large ones.

The risks presented to any business that has allowed… Continue reading


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