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Specialised Services

Titan Atlas provide consultants to businesses large or small and of the highest caliber. Specialist are very difficult to find but do have a stream of consultants who we have worked with over the last 25 years of whom are highly trustworthy and highly qualified in their respective fields. By contacting Titan Atlas for your consultancy requirements you can cut out unnecessary fees long associated with employment and contract agencies. A further advantage of using Titan Atlas for your consultancy needs is that each and every consultant we provide also comes with full backing and additional support from the rest of the Titan Atlas Technical Team.

Please note: Titan Atlas are not am employment agency, but from time to time we do employ the services of reputable specialists to fulfil certain technical or business roles.

Are you a talented consultant?

We are always searching for the very best recruits in every area of our business, Analysts, Mentors, Managers, Support Personnel, Trainers, Programmers, etc. and in virtually any UK locale. Whilst we are not an employment agency as such, we do need quality consultants to fulfill our own assignments and service to our clients. Having built a solid foundation of quality and trust with our clients over the last 15 years, sustaining and building upon our reputation is of paramount importance to us.

What do you need to do? Well, in the first instance you need to get your CV across to us in MS Word, OpenOffice, or plain text format. Secondly, in the body of your email, you need to sell yourself to us! Don’t be fooled, it’s not as easy as it may sound, but your confidence and expertise must be reflected in this communication. You will need to demonstrate to us that you are professional, experienced, can deal with business or technical issues on an ad-hoc basis, and be able to give us a good indication of your abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Please take your time with this one but give it your best shot!

Please email all enquiries of this nature by clicking here.

Once your email has been received, we will contact you to discuss how we could work together.

Searching for a Consultant?

Recruiting IT consultants can be an arduous task and often time consuming, it also seems that many employment agencies not only charge a fortune for their recruitment services, they are unable to take care of end-to-end recruitment on behalf of their clients whether through inadequate understanding of requirements or lack of technical know-how.

Titan Atlas | IT RecruitmentTitan Atlas could provide you with the ultimate consultancy partnership by providing you with expertise 100% suited to your requirements, coupled with technical support and services from our consultancy, a facility simply not available through an employment agency.

Our consultants are provided with full backing from the team providing a much larger knowledge base than they could normally expect to receive. Each consultant we provide works for us, agency fees are a non-entity making the whole experience a more cost-effective one.

If you are a company in search of a consultant for a project, please contact us to discuss your requirements. Please bear in mind that, as we are not an employment agency, we cannot provide you with permanent members of staff. We are a business consultancy and pride ourselves upon the quality and competence of the consultant we place. We have placed consultants with, but to name a few, PriceWaterHouseCoopers PWC,AHDB,MLC,Smithkline Beecham SB,Clarks,IBM,and many smaller organisations in the UK and overseas, such as Trimax.