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Finding the right IT Support for you

Before you start your search for a suitable person or company to provide your IT support, clearly define your expectations. Weigh up your expectations versus reality, these can often be quite different, but likewise you must choose the best and the right services for your business.


Finding the right IT Support for you …

Your pre-contact list of requirements should include the items you want supported in as much detail as possible, how quickly you expect a response to your issues (the quicker the response obviously the more it will cost), whether you wish for pro-active support or merely a break-fix service, do you wish the company to act as a complete support desk for your organisation or do you just require an ad-hoc repair service, and of course realistically how much you are prepared to spend on service. It is worth noting that quality IT services don’t come cheap so shy away from the £10-a-time offers of a fix. Likewise if you consider a company is offering an overly expensive service, ask them to explain before hanging up on them. Sometimes you will find it does cost a little more/or less than you had budgeted for and may have to either adjust your expectations or budget to suit.

of course price is important

Cheap may sound attractive but it often results in higher costs later if jobs have not been addressed properly the first time. If you are unsure of what you want or even need, pick up the telephone and call an agent. If you feel comfortable with them then you are off to a good start. If they blind you with science then not so good. It is important that your support provider is able to communicate to both yourself and the users of your equipment in an understandable manner. If you have no idea what they are rambling on about then perhaps they are not good for your business. Beware, as with most trades there are also many IT people who can talk the talk but in reality are incapable of walking the walk!

try talking to Titan Atlas first

You will find the response helpful with bespoke support packages tailored specifically to your needs. Call us 01536 738297 visit www.titanatlas.co.uk

Best regards, Kevin Edwards (Director)

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