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GoDaddy down time was ‘not an attack’

The US firm manages millions of domains. Technical problems that caused thousands of websites hosted by GoDaddy to go down were not caused by an external attack, the firm has said. The company, one of the world’s biggest domain registrars and web hosts, suffered intermittent faults for about six hours on Monday.

Early reports suggested a member of hacking collective Anonymous had been behind the down time. But the company blamed a “series of internal network events”. “At no time was any customer data at risk or were any of our systems compromised,” the site’s chief executive Scott Wagner said in a press release issued on Tuesday. “The service outage was not caused by external influences. It was not a ‘hack’ and it was not a denial of service attack. “We have determined the service outage was due to a series of internal network events that corrupted router data tables.

“Once the issues were identified, we took corrective actions to restore services for our customers and GoDaddy.com. We have implemented measures to prevent this from occurring again.” Initially, a tweeter claiming to be the “security leader” of the loosely organised hacking collective Anonymous said they were behind the attack. The feed, @AnonymousOwn3r, had said that “all servers” of Go Daddy had been taken down. However, another Twitter feed, that has been used to claim credit for Anonymous attacks in the past, appeared to condemn the attacks and mock the unknown tweeter.

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