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Is Data in the Cloud Safe | Titan Atlas Security Report | Data Security

A sound risk assessment of both data content and physical data security itself must surely suggest that it is far safer for a business and indeed clients/customers of a business if the data was encrypted and stored in house. What on earth makes businesses believe that the cloud is better equiped to fend off intruders from the Internet when the likes of MSN, Yahoo, Facebook, Sony, the MOD, all who have expertise and fiscal resources at their disposal to prevent data breaches still have data stolen? What does that say for the smaller businesses who do not have such resources available to them. Aha, use cloud! No, stop and think. Old traditional methods can be way more secure, cheaper and all within your control and not being at the mercy of billions of strangers.

Is Data In The Cloud Safe?

Businesses are swamped by media suggestion that the cloud is so wonderful. This is nonsense, innovative but not fit for purpose. It’s biggest selling point is convenience coupled with the notion of passing the buck should anything happen to the data whilst it’s not in your hands. NEWS FLASH: You are still responsible for the security of data that is entrusted to you by your clients, customers and staff (see Information Commisioners Office website www.ico.gov.uk)
Unfortunately general marketing of computing products is performed in such a way that the majority believe they must have it for their business because it is cost-effective regardless of any real security implications and hidden overheads. This coupled with service vendors lock-in clauses make for a real long term headache in business.

To put it in extremely basic and simple terms: Would you leave your new car in a busy city with the doors wide open and believe that it will not be taken because you have the keys?

If you answered ‘yes’ to the above question I think it is time for a break. Obviously somebody somewhere will get round it and be off with it. Not rocket science really is it?

A strange question you may think but there is a pattern emerging here. Simply consider the car as your data and it’s doors as the Internet…. See where I am going with this? Somebody somewhere will get round it and be off with it.
See the similarities?

If you already trust your data to the cloud, what do you know about it’s security. Are you merely trusting your vendor to tell you that it is as safe as houses and that nobody has broken in … yet?

This is a very serious debate and I challenge you to come back to me with your thoughts, both positive and negative on the subject.

Best regards

Kevin Edwards (Director/CEO, Titan Atlas Limited)

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