School IT Support Services

Schools are undergoing a major transformation as they transition to a digital learning environment.

With greater opportunities to access information, collaborate with peers and teachers, and create new types of content, students are more engaged and have a stronger voice in their own education. Teachers are able to use actionable information to personalize learning based on individual student’s learning needs and styles. Titan Atlas provides a strong foundation for these efforts that include professional learning for teachers and administrators, access to the right technology for your school district and an efficient IT infrastructure.

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Whether emailing a teacher or doing research for a school project, today’s tech-savvy students use mobile computing devices to pursue learning. Likewise, teachers connect remotely to post grades and homework, create lesson plans and enhance their teaching skills. School district administrators are noting this trend and understand how critical it is to select the right learning devices when mapping out their curricula. Titan Atlas can help you assess your district’s current educational technology infrastructure and build upon it to bring mobile learning safely and securely into your schools.

Please Note: Titan Atlas are authorised Distributors, Agents and Partners for many business related software products, Computers and equipment, these include System Security and Management Software by GFi, Anti-Virus by Avast, and Disk /File encryption tools from CE-Infosys, Dell Computers, HP, Lenovo, Fujitsu and many others. Please contact us regarding the purchase of any of these products

School IT Support

for Desktops

  • Remote Management
  • Software Installations
  • User error fixes
  • Service patch management
  • Desktop architecture
  • Remote user support
  • Imaging
  • Secure drive encryption
  • Teacher training facilities
  • Server development
  • Systems management
  • Systems analysis
  • Virtualisation
  • VPN for Teachers




School IT Support

for Servers

  • Design services
  • Build & configuration
  • Maintenance
  • User group administration
  • Support contracts
  • Virtual Private Networking
  • Group policies
  • System security
  • Web server administration
  • Network administration
  • Systems migration
  • Technical authoring
  • Service/Project delivery
  • Project Management
  • Systems analysis