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Titan Atlas | Glibc: Mega bug may hit thousands of devices

A major computer security vulnerability has been discovered – with experts cautiously warning it could potentially affect hundreds of thousands of devices, apps and services.

However, due to the nature of the bug, it is extremely difficult to know how serious the problem is. “Many people are running around right now trying to work out if this is truly catastrophic or whether we have dodged a bullet,” said Prof Alan Woodward, a security expect from the University of Surrey. Google… Continue reading

Titan Atlas | Do We Need Stronger Sentences For Data Theft?

The recent case of a woman being fined just £1000 for the illegal selling of 28,000 customer records has led to renewed calls from the UK’s Information Commissioner (ICO) Christopher Graham for custodial sentences for data theft.

The Current Situation

As things stand now UK courts can issue unlimited fines but not custodial sentences.

This has long been a point of frustration for the Information Commission. In 2006 for example the then chief of the ICO, Richard Thomas said that… Continue reading

Titan Atlas | Cyber Security Education Tool Developed For Businesses

The UK government and the professional body for HR and people development “Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development” (CIPD) have joined forces to launch an e-learning tool that companies can use to educate their workforce about cyber security.
The new e-learning module (which is free) is funded by the government’s National Cyber Security Programme has been launched as part of a wider partnership between the government, HR professionals, and security professionals with the aim of promoting the importance of cyber… Continue reading

Is Data in the Cloud Safe | Titan Atlas Security Report | Data Security

A sound risk assessment of both data content and physical data security itself must surely suggest that it is far safer for a business and indeed clients/customers of a business if the data was encrypted and stored in house. What on earth makes businesses believe that the cloud is better equiped to fend off intruders from the Internet when the likes of MSN, Yahoo, Facebook, Sony, the MOD, all who have expertise and fiscal resources at their disposal to prevent… Continue reading

Google+ tops 100 million active monthly users

Company also announces acquisition of photo app maker Nik Software to take on Facebook and Instagram. Google says that it has 100 million active users among the 400 million that have signed up for the social network that celebrated its first birthday in June.

The positive numbers from Google echo a late July report from comScore, which noted that worldwide, the number of Google+ visitors jumped from 66.7 million to 110.7 million between November 2011 and June this year.

During… Continue reading

iOS 6 available on 19th September 2012 Apple has announced

Free and feature-rich iOS 6 update to iPad, iPhone and iPod touch operating system. iOS 6, the feature-rich update to Apple’s operating system for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch will arrive as a free download on 19 September.

At today’s iPhone 5 launch, Apple also announced that the newest version of the company’s mobile operating system, iOS 6, will be made available to iPad, iPhone and iPod touch users to download on 19 September. The iOS 6 update, which… Continue reading

Social Media | Pinterest iPad and Android Apps | Social Networking

Pinterest has unveiled new mobile apps for its social networking pinboard service, with the introduction of Android and iPad applications while refreshing its iPhone app.

The move comes shortly after Pinterest shed its invitation-only policy and opened its registration to anyone. Both efforts should help Pinterest increase its user base, which already shows strong user base numbers. Earlier this week, online traffic tracker Experian Hitwise reported that last month, Pinterest was the third most popular social network.… Continue reading


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