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Titan Atlas | Students hit by University of Greenwich data breach

Personal details about hundreds of London-based research students were posted online in an apparent breach of data privacy laws. The University of Greenwich has apologised and said it is in the process of contacting those affected. The matter was brought to the BBC’s attention by one of the students, who discovered the information could be found via a Google search. They also flagged the matter to the UK’s data watchdog. The Information Commissioner’s Office has confirmed that an investigation is… Continue reading

Titan Atlas | Glibc: Mega bug may hit thousands of devices

A major computer security vulnerability has been discovered – with experts cautiously warning it could potentially affect hundreds of thousands of devices, apps and services.

However, due to the nature of the bug, it is extremely difficult to know how serious the problem is. “Many people are running around right now trying to work out if this is truly catastrophic or whether we have dodged a bullet,” said Prof Alan Woodward, a security expect from the University of Surrey. Google… Continue reading

Titan Atlas | Google takes wider action on ‘right to be forgotten’

Tech giant Google says it will hide content removed under the “right to be forgotten” from all versions of the search engine when viewed from countries where removal was approved.

Under the “right to be forgotten” ruling, EU citizens may ask search engines to remove information about them.

Now, removed results will not appear on any version of Google.

EU privacy regulators previously asked the firm to do this.

Until now, search results removed under the “right to be forgotten”… Continue reading

iOS 6 downloaded by 15% of iPhone and iPad users in 24 hours

Ad network’s research arm finds iOS 6 uptake much stronger than that of iOS 5 and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. iOS 6 was installed on 15% of iPhones and iPads in the first 24 hours of the mobile operating system’s availability, according to Chitika Insights, which gets its data from millions of mobile ad impressions it measures on its network.

Apple released iOS 6 on September 19 over the air and through iTunes to mainly positive reviews, though the upgrade… Continue reading

Sophos identifies itself as malware

Sophos antivirus glitch causes false positive chaos. Security firm Sophos has been had to issue an embarrassing apology after the company’s antivirus program suddenly started classifying every and any software update – including the company’s own – as ‘Shh/Updater-B’ malware. The issue became apparent on Wednesday morning when the firm’s support forums were deluged with reports from customers that the software was generating large numbers of false positives for legitimate programs including Java, Adobe Reader, Microsoft and Google.

“I’ve just… Continue reading

Google+ tops 100 million active monthly users

Company also announces acquisition of photo app maker Nik Software to take on Facebook and Instagram. Google says that it has 100 million active users among the 400 million that have signed up for the social network that celebrated its first birthday in June.

The positive numbers from Google echo a late July report from comScore, which noted that worldwide, the number of Google+ visitors jumped from 66.7 million to 110.7 million between November 2011 and June this year.

During… Continue reading

AVAST the best-rated Android antivirus app

The new release comes just eight months after the introduction of avast! Free Mobile Security, which proved to be a breakthrough hit. “The free-but-full-featured Android antivirus and anti-theft app has become the highest-rated security solution on the Google Play store, with a score of 4.7 stars,” said Ondřej Vlček, CTO of AVAST Software. “We protect over 8 million active devices now and we are growing by 1 million active devices per month,” added Vlček. “We’ve now made that product even… Continue reading

Google SEO Tools now include search traffic alerts

Webmaster Tools service will now notify publishers when their sites’ appearance on search results dips or spikes.

Google has added a feature to its Webmaster Tools search engine optimisation (SEO) service that will alert publishers about sudden changes in their site’s Google results and click-throughs.
In this way, publishers will be notified whenever their top web pages experience a marked dip or surge in the number of times they appear on Google search results and people click over… Continue reading

Critics Raise Doubts About Cloud Security

Cloud computing has taken some heat this week. First, over the weekend Apple co-founder and tech icon Steve Wozniak said he’s worried about the “horrendous” problems cloud computing could cause as users yield control of their data to service providers.

Then, early this week, Mat Honan, a reporter at Wired magazine, revealed how hackers manipulated the customer service departments of Apple and Amazon to ultimately compromise his Google and Twitter accounts. This led to all of his personal and… Continue reading


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