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Titan Atlas | Students hit by University of Greenwich data breach

Personal details about hundreds of London-based research students were posted online in an apparent breach of data privacy laws. The University of Greenwich has apologised and said it is in the process of contacting those affected. The matter was brought to the BBC’s attention by one of the students, who discovered the information could be found via a Google search. They also flagged the matter to the UK’s data watchdog. The Information Commissioner’s Office has confirmed that an investigation is… Continue reading

BT apologises for broadband problem

BT said it was still investigating the cause of the incident

BT has apologised after “many” users in the UK experienced problems recently connecting to the internet, but says the issue has now been resolved.

Users complained they were unable to connect to some websites – including social media, banking and shopping sites – as a result of the problems.

BT said it was unable to say how many customers had been hit, but issues were reported in various parts… Continue reading

BlackBerry restores services on Vodafone after 5 hour outage

As iPhone 5 released, RIM apologises for five-hour outage which comes almost a year after 2011 debacle. BlackBerry customers on the Vodafone network had their services restored this morning following an outage of over five hours caused by an infrastructure update by RIM.

Vodafone customers across Europe were disconnected from the BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS), with Computerworld UK author Anthony Savvas losing his connection at 6.15am. RIM acknowledged the problem and confirmed the service was restored at 12.45pm, almost an… Continue reading

Sophos identifies itself as malware

Sophos antivirus glitch causes false positive chaos. Security firm Sophos has been had to issue an embarrassing apology after the company’s antivirus program suddenly started classifying every and any software update – including the company’s own – as ‘Shh/Updater-B’ malware. The issue became apparent on Wednesday morning when the firm’s support forums were deluged with reports from customers that the software was generating large numbers of false positives for legitimate programs including Java, Adobe Reader, Microsoft and Google.

“I’ve just… Continue reading


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