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Titan Atlas | Do you have the brains for Cybersecurity?

If you want to stop people reading your secret messages, use a code to conceal the meaning.

From ancient times to the present day, security, codes and puzzles have been intertwined, as have the people who have tried to crack those codes to read messages they were never meant to see. During World War Two, the code-cracking centre at Bletchley Park was known to recruit people who were a dab hand at solving crosswords and other puzzles. The thinking was… Continue reading

Titan Atlas | Cyber Security Education Tool Developed For Businesses

The UK government and the professional body for HR and people development “Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development” (CIPD) have joined forces to launch an e-learning tool that companies can use to educate their workforce about cyber security.
The new e-learning module (which is free) is funded by the government’s National Cyber Security Programme has been launched as part of a wider partnership between the government, HR professionals, and security professionals with the aim of promoting the importance of cyber… Continue reading

Google+ tops 100 million active monthly users

Company also announces acquisition of photo app maker Nik Software to take on Facebook and Instagram. Google says that it has 100 million active users among the 400 million that have signed up for the social network that celebrated its first birthday in June.

The positive numbers from Google echo a late July report from comScore, which noted that worldwide, the number of Google+ visitors jumped from 66.7 million to 110.7 million between November 2011 and June this year.

During… Continue reading

Social Media | Pinterest iPad and Android Apps | Social Networking

Pinterest has unveiled new mobile apps for its social networking pinboard service, with the introduction of Android and iPad applications while refreshing its iPhone app.

The move comes shortly after Pinterest shed its invitation-only policy and opened its registration to anyone. Both efforts should help Pinterest increase its user base, which already shows strong user base numbers. Earlier this week, online traffic tracker Experian Hitwise reported that last month, Pinterest was the third most popular social network.… Continue reading

Workplace IT Gets Personal

While it may be viewed with trepidation by many IT leaders, consumerisation is essentially a good thing for the workplace.

Up until quite recently, IT was a dark art for most of the business-line workforce, who had little understanding of what it could do for their organisation’s performance. This led to a lack of engagement with what was increasingly becoming a critical part of their working lives and many costly IT programmes failed to deliver business benefits… Continue reading


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