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Titan Atlas | Apple apologises for iPhone ‘error 53’ and issues fix

Apple has said sorry to iPhone customers whose phones were disabled after third-party repairs, and issued a fix for the problem.

Some users found that their iPhone stopped working following servicing by a non-Apple technician and saw an “error 53” message in iTunes.

Previously, Apple had said the error was a “security measure” taken to prevent fraudulent transactions.

Now, the company has released a software update to fix the error.

In a statement, Apple said that “error 53” occurs when… Continue reading

BlackBerry dies again affecting Vodafone customers

Hardly perfect timing for RIM as iPhone 5 hits the Apple Store. Vodafone BlackBerry customers across Europe are suffering a major outage this morning following an infrastructure update by BlackBerry owner RIM.

Although Vodafone customers can still make calls and send texts on their phones they have been disconnected from the BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS), which means they can’t get their emails, view web pages, use BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) or applications like Twitter or Facebook.

It is believed RIM embarked… Continue reading

GoDaddy online after Anonymous attack

The company said no credit card data, passwords or other personal information was compromised. GoDaddy restored some services yesterday as the company battled online attacks that severely impacted its hosting and domain-name registration operations.

“We’re still working,” the company explained on Twitter. “Getting closer to normal. Thanks for all your patience and understanding.” Elizabeth L. Driscoll, vice president of public relations for GoDaddy, said that the outage started around 6.25pm in the UK, and services for the bulk of affected… Continue reading

Social Media | Pinterest iPad and Android Apps | Social Networking

Pinterest has unveiled new mobile apps for its social networking pinboard service, with the introduction of Android and iPad applications while refreshing its iPhone app.

The move comes shortly after Pinterest shed its invitation-only policy and opened its registration to anyone. Both efforts should help Pinterest increase its user base, which already shows strong user base numbers. Earlier this week, online traffic tracker Experian Hitwise reported that last month, Pinterest was the third most popular social network.… Continue reading

Critics Raise Doubts About Cloud Security

Cloud computing has taken some heat this week. First, over the weekend Apple co-founder and tech icon Steve Wozniak said he’s worried about the “horrendous” problems cloud computing could cause as users yield control of their data to service providers.

Then, early this week, Mat Honan, a reporter at Wired magazine, revealed how hackers manipulated the customer service departments of Apple and Amazon to ultimately compromise his Google and Twitter accounts. This led to all of his personal and… Continue reading


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