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Titan Atlas | Britain’s Banks Need IT Investment Now | Blunders

The succession of IT blunders that have prompted the recommendations make depressing reading, and the sheer number and frequency appear to make s strong case for IT investment now. The high profile banking IT blunders of recent years include:

  • June 2012: An IT failure at RBS, NatWest and Ulster Bank locked customers out of their accounts for days (weeks for Ulster Bank customers).
  • March 2013: A system failure at NatWest left millions of customers temporarily unable to withdraw cash or… Continue reading

Green IT Solutions Don’t Work – IT Efficiency Is The Future!

Tough economic times have generated a situation where every new product and upgrade has claimed to be saving the planet, much to most IT professionals’ relief. Nevertheless, being green is a big deal. Or at least nobody wants to be caught out, and publicly embarrassed by seeming to endorse business practice which damages the environment, and budget holding IT professionals are still on the receiving end of marketing material which promotes the green credentials of hardware, software… Continue reading

IT Disaster Recovery Trends

Cloud services, virtualisation, and social CRM are key factors influencing disaster recovery

As we’ve seen in recent years, natural disasters can lead to long-term downtime for organizations. Because earthquakes, hurricanes, snow storms or other events can put data centers and other corporate facilities out of commission for a while, it’s vital that companies have in place a comprehensive disaster recovery plan.

Disaster recovery (DR) is a subset of business continuity (BC), and like BC, it’s being influenced by some… Continue reading


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