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We are helping businesses every day to be greener, save money and improve efficiency. ‘Virtualisation is a priority’ may be one of the headlines appearing on leading technology websites, but what is virtualisation, and why is it being hyped as a cost saving and energy efficiency initiative?

With Citrix, Oracle or VMWare virtualisation implementations, we can:

  • Significantly reduce your physical data centre footprint
  • Vastly reduce your utility bills and carbon footprint
  • Substantially improve your DR recovery time
  • Provide a more manageable and efficient server environment
  • Reduce the amount of physical switches and hubs required
  • Decrease time to commission new servers into your environment
  • Consolidate all of your servers into a more manageable solution



Titan Atlas | Citrix Partner

A New Way Forward for Operating Systems….

Virtualisation separates the physical hardware used by an organisation from the operating system, to deliver greater IT resource utilisation and flexibility. This method creates cost benefits for the organisation, by freeing up systems capacity and also improving processes and resource for use by more critical applications and processes.

The average server in an organisation currently runs at only seven percent of its processing capacity, while using eighty percent of its maximum power. Virtualisation reduces this under-utilisation, as multiple servers can run on a single piece of hardware.

This means companies can run the physical server at between eighty and ninety-five percent utilisation for the equivalent power, heat generation and space requirements of one or two single application servers. It provides a cost effective and efficient method of conserving energy and space.

The demand for servers has grown dramatically over the past ten years, as each IT application used by an organisation needs its own dedicated server.

Once an organisation adds this to the huge amounts of power needed to run a successful operation, in addition to the heat generated and space required for these servers, virtualisation becomes an attractive option in terms of both conserving energy and reducing costs.

Virtualisation brings many benefits which deliver a highly agile service at a lower cost to many organisations….
Greater flexibility to identify and rectify software errors in a timely and efficient manner The ability to implement offline
hardware and software maintenance and upgrades with minimal disruption.

More Virtualisation food for thought ….

  • Virtualisation significantly reduces lead time for new server upgrades and requirements
  • Virtualisation significantly reduces the organisation’s hardware footprint, which reduces the physical space, power and cooling requirements of the company.
  • Many companies are adopting Virtualisation as an efficient way to improve processes and increase efficiency
  • Titan Atlas specialise in the provision of virtualisation solutions, from full project management and implementation through to merely an experienced and suitably qualified support consultant.

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