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Raunds Computer Support

Raunds Server & Computer Support Services

Business Computer Support and Server Support in Raunds for Microsoft Windows and Linux Servers, VMWare, Veeam, RedHat, Centos, eMail Systems, Office 365, Web Servers, Windows 7 to 10 Desktops, in Raunds and surrounding areas.

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Raunds Computer Support

  • Cost Effective Support Services.

  • Straight Talking Consultant.

  • Support When You Need It Most, 24 / 7 / 365.

  • Pro-Active Monitoring & Defence of your IT Systems.

  • Highly Secure Remote IT Support Facilities.

  • Computer Repairs.

  • Break / Fix Services.

  • Disaster Recovery Solutions.

  • Fully Managed Help Desk and Support.

Titan Atlas are authorised Distributors, Agents and Partners for many business related software products. These include System Security and Management Software by GFi, Anti-Virus by Avast, and Disk / File encryption tools from CE-Infosys. These products are not available for general consumer download. Please contact us regarding the purchase of any of these products.

Raunds Server Support

  • Design services.

  • Build & configuration.

  • Maintenance.

  • User group administration.

  • Support contracts.

  • Virtual Private Networking.

  • Group policies.

  • System security.

  • Network administration.

  • Systems migration.

  • Technical authoring.

  • Service/Project delivery.

  • Project Management.

  • Systems analysis.

What do you get from Raunds Computer Support?

The experience of our Technicians, combined with our strategic partnerships, allow us the ability to competently evaluate all of your organisation’s IT needs. Our solutions are designed to reduce costs, increase revenue, and mitigate your business risks with efficiency enhancing benefits.

What are Raunds Server Support Services About and who are they?

Having provided infrastructure (server & networking) services for many years and to all sizes of business, the services brought to you by Titan Atlas Limited are second to none and brought to you with a vast wealth of knowledge and experience. Titan Atlas can provide the hardware, installation and configuration expertise, and when coupled with a full support contract you have the complete solution to your business needs.

Fast Response, Fast Return On Investment (ROI).

Working with TITAN ATLAS means you deal directly with individuals who are expert in their field. Don’t get swamped by an army of people by dealing with large IT Consulting Companies. Instead, deal with TITAN ATLAS and you’ll be reassured knowing that you are dealing with a dedicated team committed to your success. What we recommend today will work with what we recommend tomorrow and we’ll be around to make that happen.

Expertise When you Need it!

We’ll help you identify projects that can deliver a fast ROI. We’ll help you free up resources and be part of your team. Our Computer Support solutions and services are designed to solve IT problems businesses like yours face. The knowledge that we’re there whenever we are needed is the most valuable insurance policy you can have.

Just Pick Up the Phone!

How much is it worth to your organisation to receive computer support as and when you need it? Sometimes it is the difference between getting that task, project or bid completed on time, or missing your deadline. Face it, that equates to real money. Therefore our Service Desk is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year because you never know when you will need us. (contract holders only). Contact Us Today.

Whatever the Size of your Business.

Whilst many IT Service Management companies target the larger enterprise. Titan Atlas think differently. The smaller organisations need help from companies such as ourselves to help them compete in their market place. Besides Cost-effectiveness being of paramount importance, most importantly so is a reliable fix for issues along with reliable and trustworthy advice for development and expansion of your business systems. Your investment in IT needs to reflect well in your business processes and activities.

Data Systems Security.

Besides physical security, network security and security of computer systems and files all need to be considered to ensure:

  • security of data.
  • prevent unauthorised access.
  • changes to data.
  • disclosure or destruction of data.

Data security may be needed to protect intellectual property rights, commercial interests, or to keep sensitive information safe. Arrangements need to be proportionate to the nature of the data and the risks involved. Attention to security is also needed when data are to be destroyed.

Corby Server Support


Virtual Servers / Environments

VMware Virtualisation separates the physical hardware used by an organisation from the operating system, to deliver greater IT resource utilisation and flexibility. This method creates cost benefits for the organisation, by freeing up systems capacity and also improving processes and resource for use by more critical applications and processes.

Running Server Resources.

The average server in an organisation currently runs at only seven percent of its processing capacity, while using eighty percent of its maximum power. Virtualisation reduces this under-utilisation, as multiple servers can run on a single piece of hardware, using much less of a carbon footprint.


This means companies can run the physical server at between eighty and ninety-five percent utilisation for the equivalent power, heat generation and space requirements of one or two single application servers. It provides a cost effective and efficient method of conserving energy and space.

The demand for servers has grown dramatically over the past ten years, as each IT application used by an organisation needs its own dedicated server.

Once an organisation adds this to the huge amounts of power needed to run a successful operation, in addition to the heat generated and space required for these servers, virtualisation becomes an attractive option in terms of both conserving energy and reducing costs.

More Virtualisation food for thought ….

  • Virtualisation significantly reduces lead time for new server upgrades and requirements, additionally …
  • Virtualisation significantly reduces the organisation’s hardware footprint, which reduces the physical space, power and cooling requirements of the company.
  • Many companies are adopting Virtualisation as an efficient way to improve processes and increase efficiency.
  • Titan Atlas not only specialise in the provision of virtualisation solutions, additionally we provide full project management and implementation through to merely an experienced and suitably qualified support consultant.

Work from home solutions.

Titan Atlas can provide you with the ultimate highly secure work from home solutions not only to help you through the Coronavirus lock-down, but also for moving forward into the future and to complement your business.

Whilst UK business in general have a strong resistance to ‘working from home’ there is overwhelming evidence in favour of this method of working. It introduces serious cost savings into the business, and gives employees more of a sense of freedom and well-being. Titan Atlas can help you with the analysis and advise accordingly.

School Computer Support Services

Schools are undergoing a major transformation as they transition to a digital learning environment.

With greater opportunities to access information, collaborate with peers and teachers, and create new types of content, students are more engaged and have a stronger voice in their own education. Teachers are able to use actionable information to personalise learning based on individual student’s learning needs and styles. Titan Atlas provides a strong foundation for these efforts that include professional learning for teachers and administrators, access to the right technology for your school district and an efficient IT infrastructure.

Computer Support | Server Support | Titan Atlas

Whether emailing a teacher or doing research for a school project, today’s tech-savvy students use mobile computing devices to pursue learning. Likewise, teachers connect remotely to post grades and homework, create lesson plans and enhance their teaching skills. School district administrators are noting this trend and understand how critical it is to select the right learning devices when mapping out their curricula. Titan Atlas can help you assess your district’s current educational technology infrastructure and build upon it to bring mobile learning safely and securely into your schools.

Titan Atlas are authorised Distributors, Agents and Partners for many business related software products, Computers and equipment, these include System Security and Management Software by GFi, Anti-Virus by Avast, and Disk /File encryption tools from CE-Infosys, Dell Computers, HP, Lenovo, Fujitsu and many others. Please contact us regarding the purchase of any of these products.

If you currently have ideas for an infrastructure project and you need technical project management help, click here.

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